Installing CouchDB manually on Ubuntu/Azure

Previously I have written how to install and configure CouchDB from VM Depot on Ubuntu VM which was quite an automated process. In this post, I wish to record how to install and configure CouchDB on a fresh Ubuntu VM installation inside Azure. I am assuming that you have read the previous blog post, which describes how you can connect to your Ubuntu VM using PuTTY from terminal.


Installing CouchDB

Execute the following command in order to apply updates to the Ubuntu installation if there’s any:

sudo apt-get update

Once done, install CouchDB:

sudo apt-get install couchdb

Verify the installation:

curl localhost:5984

You will find a message like the following which indicates success so far:


Configuring CouchDB

Due to security reason, by default, CouchDB is configured to run on local machine. Needless to say we’d like to access it from everywhere. In that case, I have opened its configuration file using the following command:

sudo nano /etc/couchdb/default.ini

This will open the nano editor where you can make changes to the default.ini file. Find this setting bind_address = and replace the IP with Press Ctrl + X to exit, and then it will ask whether you’d like to save the file. Say yes and it will return to the terminal. Now you need to restart the service and you’re all set:

sudo service couchdb restart

Now you can point your browser to to open up Futon interface to administer your CouchDB installation.

Hope this helps.

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